Gold -N- Detectors, is currently the only metal detecting and prospecting center in the Denver metropolitan area. One of the reasons for the store's success, is its location -- very near a gold bearing stream in historic downtown Golden, Colorado's territorial capitol. Another reason is the drive and vision of its owner, Bill Chapman.

Bill, who spent 24 years in law enforcement searching for criminals and criminal evidence, has turned his experiences into a business built around a longtime avocation -- treasure hunting. He originally became interested in metal detectors in 1964, after his father - using a borrowed World War II mine detector - found his Eagle Scout ring lost at a camporee. "I was hooked on metal detectors from that day forward. Not only were we successful in finding my ring, but coins, Scout badges and a great pocket knife as well." Bill started using metal detectors in 1971, when he built his first unit.

When Bill moved to Colorado in 1974 he started avocational prospecting, gaining hands-on experience in panning, slucing, highbanking and dredging. It was here that he was bitten by gold fever. "The lure of gold is very real and very powerful," says Bill.

Originally used only as a hobby, his metal detector was turned into a tool of his profession when he began using it to search crime scenes. Many times, his detecting skills located the physical evidence that led to convictions and twice to the identity of an unknown victim.

Now retired from law enforcement, his hobby treasures continue to pile up. In 1997, Bill gained national recognition when he was awarded a national Best Find as written up in the March 1998, Western and Eastern Treasure magazine. His find? More than eight POUNDS of gold coins -- 100 gold eagles! "It took me 27 years to find my first gold coin -- but the next 99 came pretty easy."

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